Deanna Marsh Studio

What is Ceramic Printed Glass?

In our studio, large-format full-color ceramic printed glass is a new frontier that blends the craft of kiln-formed art glass with the skills of graphic and architectural design. The inks are made of very fine grit glazes that are digitally printed on industrial inkjet printers that use large format sheet glass as the ‘paper’. These inks are then fused into the glass during tempering or annealing, producing fritted glass that can be laminated, bent and double-glazed. The resulting product will never fade or chip. In fact, it will outlast the lifespan of the new buildings our pieces call home.

We work with leading glass manufacturers around the world to achieve the highest quality print. Production operations are carried out with maximum precision by the largest and most modern collection of machinery of its kind for glass processing. The advanced high-tech machines and computer-controlled processes at our manufacturing partners are matched by the expertise of our studio. Our team’s control and finesse of the unique frit color palette, translucency and opacity of this medium ensures the very highest standard of glass processing.

Large-format, UV-resistant printing on glass opens up a new world of individual facade design that integrates art into architecture. Our partner can produce single pane or insulated glass in oversize pane formats up to the maximum printing size of 3.6m x 20m (~12’ x 66’). These large formats not only result in clear benefits in terms of the cost of production, erection, and service, but they also combine reliable insulation values and a new type of design freedom.

Sample of ceramic printed glass, drawn digitally by hand and ceramic printed.
Sample of kiln-form glass, crafted by hand and kiln fused.