Deanna Marsh Studio

About Us

We are the world’s leading artist team for large-format ceramic printed glass, innovating at the intersection of art, architecture, and glass technology. Our projects use materially exquisite glass and metal to express how a shared natural environment connects people across cultures and to celebrate natural and community diversity.

We welcome a planning process that includes collaboration with local communities. Deanna Marsh is an internationally renowned artist with 35 years of demonstrated excellence in metal and glass sculpture primarily for corporate and institutional clients. Genevieve Tucker is a Design Principal who leads community-driven land use and placemaking initiatives through urban planning, architectural design, and multimedia illustration. Her multimedia art blends hand-technique and digital tools to express concepts through imagery and material quality on a monumental scale. Together we work directly for art consultants, architectural and engineering project teams, and clients in the construction phase of a new building to integrate artistic concepts effectively, safely, and on budget.

What We Do

Our large-format glass portfolio includes projects in Sacramento and San Francisco that highlight each region’s uniqueness– including one that sets a new world record for the largest full-color multi-pane ceramic-printed glass facade. In our most recent collaboration, “Confluence of Community” and “Confluence of Place,” the art covers the center of the east and west building facades of UC Davis’s new California Tower Medical Center in Sacramento. Spanning 40’ wide and soaring ten stories tall, our digital paintings are printed and heat-fused into the insulated glass units in the curtain wall for permanence and no-maintenance. The east-facing artwork weaves abstract images of community pride and celebration from diverse neighborhoods in the immediate UC Davis Health vicinity. The art pays tribute to the richness of the area’s cultural heritage and emerging shared future. The west-facing glass features the Sacramento Valley’s abundant ecosystem diversity from river to city to sky, highlighting plants and creatures that thrive in the Sacramento region and echoing their color palettes and patterns. Subtle and ever-shifting animated LED lights play across the glass surface to enhance viewing from inside and outside, day and night, and aid in wayfinding internally and externally.

Our clients value our commitment to design excellence and our approach to collaboration. By working directly with project teams using shared documents, we get to the core of the design team’s vision and the nature of the client’s business identity and values, understand the site’s structural and safety codes and requirements, and integrate project engineering and installation details with other trades. Detailed iterative concept drawings and final image renderings enable the team to fairly evaluate proposed concepts. Deanna’s metal and glass work is 4-LEED-certified and Living Building qualified. Her sculptures meet OSHPOD and stringent health and safety requirements for public spaces. We pride ourselves on making our clients’ experience of commissioning art a successful experience, delivered and installed on time and on budget.

We both have a deep love affair with the natural spaces and environmental history that create the special character of a particular place. Our themes and art medium are a good fit for modern steel and glass architecture. We work with proven durable and low-maintenance materials and experienced manufacturers to meet your goal of bringing the outside in to connect viewers with a beautiful region.


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We are based in Northern California, USA.

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